Kullu Muffler

Kullu Muffler is a traditionally designed artifice of handicraft, made of wool (Pashmina, Merino, Angora) having threads of different colors. It is worn around necks by hill people during winters. Mufflers were started being woven in the valley in 1940’s. The process of weaving mufflers is the same as shawls, but smaller looms are used.


  • Gents muffler measures 1.70 Mtr. x 0.30 Mtr.
  • Ladies muffler measures 2 Mtr. x 0.40 Mtr.


PlainPlain Muffler is made up of single color wool without any design or pattern.
Ek Phool This muffler made of single color having one traditional pattern on both ends.
Teen Phool This muffler made of single color with three traditional patterns on the both ends.