Stoles is a lady’s shawl, especially a formal shawl of expensive fabric used in Looms Of Himalaya. Stoles are used by sophisticated and fashion conscious women. It can be wrapped on Shoulder and Neck.

Stole are Small in size of Shawl and very soft and light in weight. Stoles can be used as Scarfs and Duppatta. In Kullu it used as Scarf and Duppatta by Girls and Women.

Kullu Valley offers artistic handwoven woolen Handloom stoles and shawls, made by the locals with hand-looms in their homes and clusters.

The artistic hand-woven woolen shawls/Stoles from Kullu Valley (the higher hills of Himachal Pradesh) are truly unique from the others and believed to be centuries old.

The raw material used in Kullu Stoles are Mostly is Pure Wool which vary from merino wool, Pashmina wool and local sheep wool.

Kullu Stoles Their elaborate designs and patterns bear a strong Central Asian influence and have a symbolic and religious implication.

Basic colors used for the Kullvi stoles are red, orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, black and white for patterning and white, black and natural greys or brown as the base.

White stands for water, yellow stands for earth, red for fire, green for air and blue for ether.