Men’s Shawl Online | Meditation Shawl | Plain Meditation Blanket


✔ 100% Pure Wool.

✔ Woven on Looms of Himalaya.

✔ Shawl Size is 50 X 102 Inches (W*L).

✔ Made in Kullu/Vocal For Local

✔ Dry Clean Recommended.

✔ Manufactured by M/s HimalayanKraft and Loom Pvt. Ltd. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh (India)

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Men’s Shawl Online | Lohi | Meditation Shawl | Plain Meditation Blanket, Prayer Shawl.

Our premium meditation/Yoga/Prayer/Men’s Shawl Online are made in Looms Of Kullu Region of Himalaya of India, an area known for its superb craftsmanship of Handloom Products and textiles.

These Loom blankets are a premium wool that’s lightweight enough for summer, yet warm enough for winter.

:- 100% Wool
:- Dry clean. Or hand wash cold and hang or lay flat to dry. Be sure to use wool-friendly detergent.


  • Meditation shawl made from 100% wool.


Our Men’s Loom shawls and wraps measure

Size – 50 X 102 Inches (W*L)
Weave – 2/ 2 Twill
Weight – 300 Grams

Shawl Color :- Dark Grey- Color (Grey, White are Also Available).

Cloaks the entire body during guided meditation. Warms the body in savasana when used as a yoga blanket. Large enough to cover a twin-size bed.

HANDWOVEN IN Himalayan Looms:-

India is known for its long history of spirituality, yoga and meditation and has drawn people from all over the world seeking self-discovery. Our Kullu Loom blankets and Handloom scarfs are handwoven in Kullu Region of Himalaya in India, an area known for its superior craftsmanship of textiles and garments. This luxurious meditation shawl will last you many years.

Wrap up in serenity as you meditate.
Large enough to use as a Men’s meditation shawl.
Use as a yoga blanket to stay warm in Savasana and other healing poses.
Cozy up next to the campfire. Use at the chilly office, restaurants, parks or movie theaters.
Lightweight travel blanket. Take a nap. Snuggle up with your favorite book. Wear as a shawl, wrap, stole, scarf, poncho or cape. Toss over your sofa as a throw blanket. Drape over your table or hang as a Indian wall tapestry.

Our meditation shawl comes in 3 colors: dark grey, light grey, White making it perfect for both men and women or any home. Ideal for meditation for women, meditation for men, guided meditations and yoga.

Dry clean recommended. Alternatively hand wash cold and hang or lay flat to dry. Each Size of Shawls making it a versatile wrap, blanket, shawl or home accessory.

Can be used for: meditation for women, meditation for men, daily meditation, guided meditation, vipassana meditation, travel blanket, yoga, napping, reading, throw blanket, Indian wall tapestry, poncho, stole, cape, oversize scarf, om scarf, wool wrap, wool pashmina, meditation shawl, prayer shawl, table cloth, tallit and more. Our Kullu meditation shawl comes in 3 neutral colors making it perfect for both men and women or any home. Makes the perfect gift.

Additional information

Weight300 g
Dimensions20 × 15 × 8 cm

Dark Grey, Grey, White


Angora Wool, Marino Wool, Pure Wool