Premium Hand Woven Traditional Kullu Handloom Wool Muffler For Unisex


  • 100% Pure Genuine Hand Woven.
  • 100% Pure Wool.
  • Beautiful Hand Woven Traditional Kullu Weaving Design
  • Designed keeping in mind the changing fashion trends
  • Export Quality, Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Women’s, Women
  • Fabric: Pure Wool
  • Pattern: Traditional Kullu Weaving Desing
  • Pack of  :- 1 Wool Muffler
  • Suitable For: Ethnic Wear/Hand-Loom
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Purely Hand Woven Traditional Kullu Handloom Wool Muffler For Unisex

Our Mufflers’s Story:-

Woolen Muffler is a woolen article can be draped around the neck by men and women.

It is woven usually with pashmina, merino or angora wool having threads of different colors. The process of weaving muffler is same as that of shawls, but the smaller looms are used for mufflers.

All designs and patterns of shawls can be woven on the mufflers. Gents mufflers measures 1.70 meters x 0.30 m, while ladies mufflers are little bit longer in length with same width. It keeps the neck and the chest warm from cold.

It has elaborate designs on both ends. Depending on the patterning style, like shawls, the mufflers can also be classified into two types as Kullu mufflers & Kinnauri Mufflers.

Kullu mufflers shawls have geometrical designs on both ends while Kinnauri Mufflers have traditional Kinnauri designs with unique 5 colour patterning on both ends.

Technical Specifications of Mufflers:

Yarn Used:Warp2/ 44’s Woolen Worsted.
Weft2/ 44’s Woolen Worsted.
Patterning2/ 32’s Woolen Worsted / Acrylic. 2-3 ply.
Size1.70 meters x 0.30 m (L*W)
Weave2/2 Twill (base) & Weft rib in patterning.
WeightFrom 80 to 150 gms

About This Muffler:-

This is the Genuine Hand Woven Woolen Muffler by Local Artisans of Kullu. . Whole Himachal is famous for its Handicraft and Hand-loom Products but Kullu Shawls, Stoles and mufflers has its own significance and beauty.

That’s it is Declared as special product or Art of specific geography and region. So it hold the logo of genuine called “Geographic Indicator” (G.I. Shawl Only) and WoolMark and Hand-loom Brand.

Our Each and Every Product of Hand-loom in Website are purely handmade. So don’t Get confused for fake product.

In this series We ” HimalayanaKraft” with motto to provide you pure, ethnic and genuine hand picked, Hand woven and hand crafted products with expertise and inherited art hands of locals.

Product Name:- Purely Hand Woven Traditional Kullu Handloom Wool Muffler For Unisex

SIZE: 12 inches x 68 Inches (W*L).

Muffler Color :- Dark Grey- Color (Other Colors are Also Available).

Product Description:-

  • 100% Pure Genuine Hand Crafted.
  • 100% Pure Wool.
  • Beautiful Hand Woven Very Fine Tapestry Traditional Weaving Design.
  • Marino Wool Muffler are Very Very Soft, Warm and light in Weight.
  • Beautiful Pure Wool Muffler give you a glamorous look to the wearer and make your moments special and memorable.
  • These Wool Mufflers can be wrapped on Shoulder and Neck as Scarf, Duppata and Wrap.
  • Designed keeping in mind the changing fashion trends.
  • It Give You imperial in looks it has real pride of today’s craftsman.

Do’s & Don’t:-

  • Ensure woolen products should be dry cleaned only.
  • Please give a sun bask to woolen products once or twice every month during monsoon.
  • If possible then Please try to store your clothes with Naphthalene balls or Margosa (Neem) leaves.
  • Always dry non fast color shawls in shade.
  • Never wash woolen clothes in hot water.
  • Do not store woolen products in polythene bags.


Style Code:-
  • HimalayanKraft/Muffler/Wool/Kullu-Multi-Emb
Sales Package:-
  • 1 Marino Wool Muffler
  • Wedding, Casual, Party, Formal, Festive, Winter Wear
Construction Method:-
  • Hand-loom
Embroidery Type:-
  • Hand Woven, Traditional Kullu Tapestry Design
Fabric Care:-
  • Dry Clean Only.
  • Don’t Store in Polythene Bag,
  • Never Wash With Hot Water,.
  • Give Sun Bask in Monsoon
Other Details:-
  • Purely Hand Woven, Floral and Patterned Hand Made Embroidery, Pure Australian Marino Wool.
Width in Inch:-
  • 12 Inches
Length in Inch:-
  • 68 Inches
Warranty Service Type:-
  • Free Return on Defective Product
Covered in Warranty:-
  • Defective And Different Product Delivered
Domestic Warranty:-
  • 1 Week from Delivery in case of Defective and Wrong Product.

Additional information

Weight150 g
Dimensions30 × 20 × 5 cm

Dark Grey

Construction Method

Hand-loom, Hand-Woven Embroidery, Kullu Traditional Weaving Design

Embroidery Type

Floral, Pattern


Pure Wool


Casual, Festive, Formal, Party, Wedding, Winter Wear

Style Code


Suitable For